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You never right or wrong because others agree with you. You are right because your data is accurate and your reasoning is correct.  (Warren Buffett).


Planning and Design

INTE.CO.  Engineering was established by the association of three professionals ( recently became four ) operating in the design and construction of industrial and residential buildings, public and private infrastructure, in order to provide engineering services of high quality. The company's goal is to assist the customer in all phases of the project, from the study of technical and economic feasibility to design, from construction to final inspections, to offer a complete product. With the collaboration of a highly qualified internal and external specialist, we can manage any kind of projects.
Over the years, INTE.CO.  Engineering has also diversified its activities, adding new  field of engineering services as the design of biogas plants for the production of energy from renewable sources in combination to the German Company Krieg & Fisher Ingenieure GmbH or the construction of photovoltaic panels German production .

Alternative Energy

The need to diversify energy supplies has contributed to the development of different technologies for the exploitation of a wide range of Renewable Energy Source. Among these R.E.S.  in other word resouces that can replinish at the same speed with which they are used there are :

   - biomass energy

   - solar energy

   - hydropower

   - wind energy

   - geothermal energy


INTE.CO.  Engineering , not only is aware of the need to reduce the environmental impact caused by the use of traditional energy or non-reuse of waste materials but also knows the possibility of obtaining some interesting returns on investment in the new energy industry. The office staff has been studying for years both the Italian and European energy policies together with new technologies widely developed in the world and particularly in Germany, to be able to professionally assist those customers willing to invest in renewable energies.
Our engineers are  thus able to provide accurate information on the feasibility and economic viability of photovoltaic systems or provides solutions to those working in the livestock industry, agriculture or waste disposal, with accurate evaluation of the energy resource and the development of  a project custom-made for the production of biogas from biomass.

INTE.CO. engineering S.r.l.

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